Complete 1969-1971 GTO Judge parts, stripe kits, decals, glovebox emblems, front & rear spoilers, ram air kits and foam, hood tachometers, license plates, hats, GTO records, patches, tiger tails, watches, clocks, teddy bears, fender protectors, dealer albums, battery minders, and GTO and Judge memorabilia.

1969-1971 Pontiac GTO Judges and 1964-1974 Pontiac GTOs bought and sold.

Professional appraisals for insurance companies, value establishment, divorce settlement, custody values, disputes and partnerships.

All original Ace Wilson's Royal Pontiac memorabilia, license frames, fender, window and carb decals; original Royal Bobcat decals, club certificates, Royal Pontiac key fobs, cuff links and pins. Complete Royal Pontiac high performance tune-up kits with proper numbers for your Pontiac. Royal Pontiac window stickers.

GTO and Judge memorabilia, including GTO cologne and after shave, Judge and GTO watches, GR-RRR and anniversary license plates, GTO sunglasses, Woodward Avenue memorabilia, pins, records tapes and CDs for GTO.

Hot Rod records, CDs and tapes -- including all Ronny and the Daytonas "Little GTO" albums, singles, CDs, tapes and records. All GTO records and tapes I can think of. "Hot Rod" oldies CDs and tapes series.

Hood tachometers -- exact Pontiac and Dixco dealer-installed hood tachometers used on Pontiacs and Yenko Chevrolets.

1969-1971 GTO Judge glovebox emblems.

Royal Pontiac tune-up kits -- includes all ignition, spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotors and caps just like Royal used for high performance.

Honored distributor for "Buffalo Milke" Automotive Finishing products -- "Put a Hide on Your Ride". World's best automotive finish.

Honored distributor for Stoner "MORE SHINE LESS TIME" tire and trim care. The best and longest-lasting on the market. Completely detail your tires and interior in five minutes, guaranteed.

25th anniversary edition of the videos "AMERICAN GRAFFITI" and "MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI" are $28 or both for $52.

GTO and Judge videos from the good ole drive-in movie days when you parked in the back row and might have missed the show.


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